Simply, AUDEAMUS’ approach addresses the key challenges of getting PTSI(D) service dogs into the hands of those who served and whose lives depend on them.

Marc and Chris have drawn from their countless years of experience training military working dogs (MWD) and RCMP police working dogs to develop a high quality, consistent training curriculum, resulting in highly-capable, very dependable service dogs.

Because AUDEAMUS is run as a non-profit, the organization can deliver service dogs FREE of charge - service men and women shouldn't pay for their PTSI(D) dogs out-of-pocket!

Highly trained certified dog trainers from diverse backgrounds: RCMP, police and military, who themselves are injured and have taken the Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) Model - Peer Support Coordinator course in order to recognize and be able to support the individuals being trained with their service dogs. We are “Injured Helping Injured”, with awareness of the current state and progress of each user. We also have a robust team of advisors and military chaplain veterans ready to provide care as required.

AUDEAMUS’ unique training system enables the injured individual to develop a routine around the dog, which in turn develops consistent positive habits for the person. We emphasize that these people must actively participate in their treatment plan involving the service dog in order to participate in the program. Some of the people within the program who have been house-bound for years finally gained independence through their service dogs and the program.

AUDEAMUS fully understands the importance of support and aftercare. Our program provides assistance throughout the full range of agendas. Teams needing support are assisted by the aftercare team. Users needs may change as they progress, which may alter their medical condition. In that case, the service dog’s tasks must be adapted to the user’s new state.

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