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Bursary Guidlines

The scope of the Educational Fund is to support the study and research in the educational fields associated to PTSD, OSI, Traumatic Brain Injuries and in conjunction with the human animal bond for the treatment of the above.


Please note:

PAUL FOX Memorial Funds is to assist with post-secondary educational expenses. This program is not intended to replace the primary financial responsibility of the student and/or parents.  It is to recognize the field of study for the enrichment of study and research into fields associated with PTSD, OSI, Traumatic Brain Injuries and in conjunction the human animal bond for the treatment of the above.


The ideal applicant would have the following.

  • Preferential consideration to any child of a serving retired or deceased CAF, RCMP, First Responder veteran that service the Canadian Public with their first application prior to their 27th birthday.

  • Eligibility requires that the student has studied the outlined fields mentioned in the "guidelines" section above. 

  • Students must be enrolled full-time in an accredited post-secondary institution.

  • Full-time is considered to be a minimum of three (3) credit earning courses.

  • The student must remain in “Good Academic Standing” or subsequent grant instalments may be withheld until such time as the student has completed his/her educational requirements for the term.

  • Involvement or volunteering in organizations or practicum placements dealing with:

             individuals and or veterans and first responders with PTSD, OSI, Traumatic Brain Injuries.

             the human animal bond with preference for the treatment of the above.

Students are eligible for one year of funding while in full-time attendance at an accredited post-secondary institution. Students are eligible to reapply for consideration. Awards are based on an academic year of 8 month for universities or colleges. Additional details will be provided in the approval letter.

If a student withdraws from their semester of studies, withdraws from individual courses or in any way fails to carry the course load that qualifies them as a full-time student (completion of 3 post-secondary credit earning courses), they are not eligible for funding and any monies issued must be returned in full to the Paul Fox Memorial Fund.

Any questions regarding the guidelines or application should be directed to: Audeamus Paul Fox Memorial Fund

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply is June 30th each year for the following academic year.


No late applications will be accepted.


No retroactive funding will be awarded.

Notification of Award

If you have been selected, you will be notified by mail after July 31st. Please follow instructions in your award letter for submission of documentation to receive funds.



The bursary is awarded for one year. Applicants may reapply each academic year.


If you have any questions regarding application guidelines or required information on the application form, contact the Paul Fox Memorial Fund via Audeamus at prior to the application deadline date.

To Apply

To apply we require:

  • A three page write up on yourself considering; education, field of study, volunteer, life experiences,  PTSD, OSI, Traumatic Brain Injuries and in conjunction the human animal bond for the treatment of the above. How this money will benefit yourself and your field of study. 

  • Fill out the application form HERE and be sure to send your proof of enrolment and parent’s proof of service to

  • If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us at: (306) 620 - 9208 or email us at

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