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Multi-Disciplinary Professional

AUDEAMUS is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced and knowledgeable health care professionals, academic researchers, curriculum consultants, a formally structured Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, legal advisors and Service Dog trainers who together provide a solid structure and foundation of expertise.


AUDEAMUS is currently being supported by the following professionals and researchers on a volunteer basis:

Executive Committee

BC - Dr. Susan Brock - Ph.D. (CPBC#2226) - Registered Psychologist and Curriculum Consultant

SK - Mr. Steven Boucher - Principal, OCT (#613374) - Academic and Curriculum Consultant

QC - Dr. Dave Blackburn (CAF Major Veteran) - B.Soc.Sc, M.S.W., Ph. D., Professor & Mental Health Social Worker SK - Principal Steven Boucher - OCT (#613374) - Academic and Curriculum Consultant

Legal Advisory Team


Research & Evaluation Committee

Susan Brock - Ph.D (CPBC#2226) - Registered Psychologist and Curriculum Consultant

Board of Directors

ON - CAF /DND Brigadier-General Peter Holt (ret.) - Chair

Vice Chair - To be named

BC – Treasurer - Anne Fox

ON - Secretary - Yvonne Lux

AB - CAF MWO Wayne Bantock -  LOA

AB - CAF CWO Jules Bérubé - Medical Advisor & Military Logistics

ON - Marilyn Hynes - Quarter Master


SK - RCMP Cpl Chris Lohnes - Head Trainer - Training Development & Operations - Program Co-Founder & Executive, Certified Master Dog Trainer 

ON - Marilyn Hynes- Quartermaster- Equipment Master, Intake Support/Peer 

SK - Colleen Kidd - Service & Support Training, intake support/ Peer- 

SK - Bronwyn Edwards- intake support/ Peer 

SK - Michael Richards Intake Support/Peer 

ON - Secretary - Yvonne Lux


ON - Bob Murdoch - Royal Canadian Legion & Invictus Games Representative

ON - Luc Fortin IT platform support

SK - Barry Dilts (RCMP Veteran) - Logistics / Service & Support

SK - Bronwyn Edwards - Videographer/Photographer, social media expert

SK – Grace Rath- Research /learning platform support


SK - RCMP Chris Lohnes

SK - Colleen Kidd

SK - Michael Richards

ON - Marilyn Hynes

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