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AUDEAMUS Service Dog has incorporated the concept of the One World Health of multiple practices for one’s optimal health around a person, animal and the environment being considered together to heal a person.

AUDEAMUS Service Dogs’ training intake is centered around connection initially through pre-learning lessons with initial in-person training in a rural environment that is the starting place to connect to the new partner – service dog and in turn develop connections to other experiencing the same struggles and have the same understandings.

The diagram above depicts our program.

Spirituals Connections - the belief in something greater,

Biological Health - Physical Activity,

Social Emotional Supports- connection and belonging,

Psychological Health - Support and communication.

This approach has threads throughout our entire program in learning and understanding to improve the lives of the handlers involved. A key component has been the incorporation of centering a training program for a handler to specially train their service dog in relation to the human animal bond to required skills and tasks.

There is a meaningful interaction that occurs through our strategy of pairing a dog with minimal training with an injured person so that the handler with the aid of the AUDEAMUS team determines the specific skills that impacts and benefits them individually.

AUDEAMUS Service Dogs’ approach through the four above components play a profound role in connection, developing or regaining feeling, healing and being present/safe occurs through the connective of the nonjudgement of a dog that just wants to open their heart to the injured handler.

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