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Participation in the AUDEAMUS program is made up of a 7-stage process.

Stage 1

Consultation with a veteran’s health care practitioner to complete the medical referral form.

Stage 2

Completion of program administrative requirements alongside the program application form. Health care practitioners are provided with information about Service Dogs, how they can assist persons with impairments, where Service Dogs fit into a medical treatment plan, and what the veteran’s responsibilities will be.

Stage 3

Consultation with an AUDEAMUS trainer to discuss pairing with an Audeamus Service Dog - topics include:

  • Costs that are covered by the program;

  • Canine care and the responsibility of the veteran in the program;

  • Training options, levels, certification and recertification;

  • Aftercare contacts (French and/or English);

  • Criteria for a dog that a veteran may bring into the program;

  • Insurance, both liability and pet health;

  • Media and public relations responsibilities (if agreeable), including privacy;

  • Difficulties encountered in training;

  • What users can do if they are denied access to training or full certification, and the legal support Audeamus Service Dogs can offer.

Stage 4

Users are trained under Audeamus Service Dogs unique holistic training curriculum.

Stage 5

Users are part of a 52-week Audeamus Service Dogs progression period mentored by Audeamus Service Dogs trainers. Handlers go through pre-learning development that can take up to 4 months to complete.

Stage 6

End-users are certified for a period of 3 years, including aftercare and follow-up.

Stage 7

End-users are re-assessed annually by Audeamus Service Dogs in partnership with the veteran’s mental health practitioner and the Service Dog/veteran team are re-certified every 3 years.

A Peer-to-Peer support system is embedded from the onset upon acceptance of a veteran’s application to Audeamus Service Dogs. This peer-to-peer model adheres to the military culture of fellow veteran support.

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