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PEER Support (P2P) is a comprehensive, culturally sensitive and individualized peer support program for AUDEAMUS Service Dog teams. P2P promotes engagement and education for its program participants in the areas of self-determination, life goals and positive connections through collaborative, community relationships.

Our vast experience enables us to support our peers.

Military, RCMP, Veterans;

First-Responders: police officers, EMTs, and firefighters;

Direct Acute Medical Care Workers;

War Correspondents;

Friends, Family;

Community; and Education related to Service Dog Work.

We are actively looking for experienced volunteers who are able to support our program. 

AUDEAMUS provides certified, specially trained service dogs and on going support specifically for veterans, first responders and war correspondents suffering from mental and/or physical disabilities. Our program, and these wonderful dogs, work to improve physical and emotional well-being and to develop independence. 


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